About Us

About Us

Crafted, Not Produced

Our Rice Cakes are designed by our founder who is passionate about rice cake production and is an expert in creating the perfect rice cake. Dissatisfied with what was out there, he decided to start from scratch and create the ultimate rice cake: pure, natural and made with nature’s unprocessed whole grains. Although our Rice Cakes are new to the market our founder has over 12 years’ experience in Rice Cake manufacturing.

It’s Personal.

The founder of High Valley Grains, lives with Celiac disease every day, so rice cakes are a staple of his diet. We understand the needs of Celiac and Gluten sensitive consumers, so our products only have naturally Gluten Free grains and are designed to be delicious, pure and wholesome.

Natural and Organic

Our Rice cakes are Certified Organic, made with low fat natural whole grains and most importantly Gluten Free. We also keep our whole grains pure and free of ANY additives including flavoring agents, that most other brands rely on to get a better tasting Rice Cake. We believe nature does it best – just whole grains and nothing else.